Syondo - Source to Pay Transformation Services
Turning Visions into Reality

Our team consists of highly experienced individuals who benefit from over 24 years of active Ariba Project Experience.

We provide Independent Advice and Consulting Services to unleash the potential within the Supply Chain and Finance Processes.

We specialise in Source to Pay Business Transformations and have successfully delivered several global projects for our customers.

SAP Ariba / OpenText Solution Consulting

Our experienced team secures that projects are well managed, cost efficient and effective.

We are not associated with solution and implementation providers, which allows us to act in the interest of our customer.

The very core of our consultancy services is independent advice, securing the best solution for our customers.

Independent Advice

We support our customers from the early planning phase, solution implementation to rollout and business case realisation.

Our team of experienced project managers have successfully delivered several project as part of Source to Pay Business Transformations and Ariba solution deployments.

We provide program and project management for Source to Pay Business transformations.

Project Management

Our experienced team adds unique industry knowledge and applies Best Practise to ensure lean and efficient processes, which are aligned with the abilities of the Cloud solutions.

As part of Source to Pay programs we analyse existing processes and together with our customer design and document suitable new process tailored to the individual requirements.

Process & Solution Design

As part of our Process & Solution Design services we ensure that processes are automated to lower operational cost.

Our team guides and teaches purchasers on how to identify savings opportunities as part of spend consolidation and supplier compression programs.

We help customers to identify opportunities and deliver savings within the supply chain and financial processes.

Savings Identification and Realisation

This includes the integration from Master Data into Ariba P2O/ P2P, the integration of transactional documents (i.e. Purchase Orders and Goods Receipts) as well as the exchange of Purchase Orders and Invoices between the in-house SAP solutions and the Ariba Network (POIA).

Our team can provide services required to integrate the Ariba Cloud with the in-house SAP solutions.

Implementation Services

- Setup and Management of e-Auctions in Ariba Sourcing
- Creation and Management of Ariba Reports
- Management of the Supplier and Catalogue Enablement program
- Support and Training for Super Users
- Approval Flow changes in Ariba P2O/ P2P

Source to Pay related processes can be outsourced to us to provide a flexible solution for the below areas:

Process Outsourcing

Business Concepts

Project Management

Implementation Services

Innovative Business Strategies and Solutions providing access to the full potential of the supply chain.

Business Intelligence

Active Control and Transparency across the enterprise provided by innovative Business Intelligence Solutions to ensure the long term success.

Supply Chain Savings

We identify, deliver and manage spend opportunities based on Supplier Rationalization, Commodity based Spend Consolidation and more.

Process Cost Reductions

Solutions for automated procurement document processing including request, purchase order, goods receipt, electronic invoicing and contract management.

Networking Capital

Corporate Solutions to enhance the internal cash flow, increasing financial returns and reducing investment related risks.

Delivering reliable solutions for customers worldwide by our independent Project Management Services Team.

Project Management

Our team has successfully managed and delivered global procurement optimization initiatives within most industries with tools provided by SAP Ariba, Zycus and other vendors.

Vendor Certified

Most of our employees are SAP Ariba certified Principal Consultants, offering long term experience from different industries.

Best Practise

Direct access to external knowledge covering global projects of fortune 500 companies. Our team provides efficient business solutions, best practice and lesson learned.


Our flexible team adds global knowledge and experience from more than 15 countries and most industries. We are fluent in English, German.

The right Platform for long term success of Business Transformation Solutions.

Independent Advice

Independent and Professional Advice for business analysis and solution design, product evaluations, implementations and change management.


Our Team provides Project Management, Business Analyst, System Architect and Technical Implementation Services for Business Transformation initiatives.


Long term experience of global Ariba Spend Management initiatives as well as Business Intelligence Solutions based on Ariba and Zycus Products. Our team benefits from over 24 years of continues SAP Ariba Project experience.

Outsourced Services

Flexible and secure outsourced services for all SAP Ariba Products including custom solution Design and Developments.

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